The new normal for study notes

Team Study is the best platform to create, collaborate on and find study notes for your courses and textbooks.

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The new normal for study notes


Core Features

Make notes for yourself, friends or all students!

Make notes for yourself, your study group, or publicly for the entire student community.

This ain't no basic a** editor

Embed LaTex formulas into your notes

Latex Formula

Math is already hard, adding formulas to your notes doesn't need to be

Import your existing notes

We know you got baggage

We know you used to use “other” note taking tools… it’s ok, everyone has a past. You can import all that previous baggage into Team Study

Import notes from google docs, evernote, word and onenote

All that and more, did we mention it’s free?

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What types of study notes can I create?

Course notes iconCourse Notes

Textbook Notes

Finding Existing Content

More and more notes are added to Team Study every day thanks to our amazing and good-looking creator community.

Educational Profile

Build your educational profile on Team Study!

Educational Profile

Your Team Study profile is a record of your course expertise. It showcases all the things you’ve studied in your courses and is a valuable recruiting resource for companies looking to hire for specific areas of knowledge. Strong profile = strong candidate = 💪

Impress these companies by building your educational profile on Team Study!

Constantly Innovating

Unlike those generic collaboration platforms (you know who you are), Team Study is designed specifically for students to take study notes. We’re constantly updating the platform by working with our community to turn feedback into new rich and robust features – because just like you, we’re always learning and improving to be the best possible version of ourselves.

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