Team Study is revolutionizing the way students take study notes.

Through a community-driven approach, students build together, resulting in higher quality study resources for all, saving countless hours in the process.

What can you do with Team Study?


Find and use existing study notes, or contribute to them yourself to make them even better.


Collaborate in real-time with peers on the same note at the same time.


Create robust notes by embedding features like LaTeX formulas, code blocks, photos, videos, diagrams, and much more.


Import your existing study notes from Word, or paste content from Google Docs and other online tools into the Team Study note editor.

Accessible = Inclusive

Through Team Study, we can provide equal opportunity to all students by creating study resources for peers who might need assistance in the face of physical or personal challenges.

See how Team Study is changing the way students take study notes.

Losers compete. Winners collaborate.

Your campus is filled with plenty of talented, driven, smart people with a diverse range of perspectives and skill sets. Seek them out. Come together. Work together. Build amazing things together, and succeed together! Let’s stop trying to work harder as individuals, and instead try working together for a change.