You Asked!

  • What is Team Study?

    Team Study is not the latest made-up sport on ESPN where teams of superior mind athletes compete against each other to see who can study the fastest… that would be weird. Team Study is a community-driven education platform, providing students with the ability to find, create and collaborate on high-quality study resources for their university and college courses. We thought the name was pretty obvious, but then again, you clicked on this, soooooo…

  • How do study notes work on Team Study?

    Study notes on Team Study are open for everyone to access and contribute to! Registration is free so what are you waiting for… probably the end of this sentence… okay you can go sign-up now… it’s the big blue button in the top right of your screen… go click it now.

  • Why should I sign up for Team Study?

    Because Team Study is easy to use, free to use, saves you time, and all your friends are doing it! With a Team Study account, you can contribute to notes, and save them to your library to access later!

  • Why should I contribute to Team Study?

    Because you share our vision for a better education system, one where we work together instead of against each other!

  • How can I contribute to Team Study?

    There are many ways to contribute to Team Study. You can create new notes, collaborate on or improve existing notes, become a content moderator, spread the word, or buy our co-founder, Aditya Chugh, a brand new Porsche 911 🏁 (Did we mention he loves Porsches)

  • What does it mean to clone a note?

    In the end, what does anything really mean, you know?… Well, cloning a note, means you can create a new note based on the content from an existing note, but that’s an easy one, like, how does quantum entanglement work, right!?

  • How can we collaborate on Team Study?

    You can either create a new note and invite others to collaborate on it with you, or collaborate with others on an already existing note. It’s all about working together to reduce the load and free up everyone for bigger and better things… like working on your high-kicks!

  • The notes I’m looking for aren’t available! What should I do?

    Lucky you! Here’s your opportunity to create the study note from nothing like some kind of note God! Don’t forget to tell your friends about this miracle of creation.

  • What if I find an issue with a note?

    You can report the note, or clone the note and make the required change yourself, and we’ll be eternally grateful for your superior batman-like detective skills.

  • What does publish mean?

    It’s a form of drunken English only spoken in pubs. It’s also how you finalize your note so it can be reviewed by one of our highly trained approval monkeys.

  • Why aren’t my changes being shown in the latest version of the note?

    You may have forgotten to publish your note. (Whoops!) Publishing makes that version visible for everyone to use for their study.

  • Who can contribute to notes?

    Anyone!… well, anyone who has signed up anyway... yeah, there’s always a catch. Lucky for you a Team Study account is free!

  • What type of resources can I contribute to Team Study?

    Any form of typed study resource that is your own work. It is against our terms and conditions to upload any content that is the work of someone else… because that’s stealing, and you learned not to do that when you were 2 or something.

  • Will I get in trouble for using Team Study?

    'No, not at all… unless you’re doing some villain type stuff while also using Team Study… then probably, yes.

  • Why did you create Team Study?

    'Team Study was created as a response to the frustration our co-founder, Aditya Chugh, experienced with the existing education system. He set out to create a collaborative solution that would allow students to exceed in their studies while saving them boatloads of time so they could focus on other things that matter to them.

  • How is Team Study different from everything else out there?

    Team Study is the only community-driven platform that lets others collaborate on interactive resources to make them super high-quality, in fact, so the quality is so super, that some Team Study notes have been rumored to wear capes! Also, those similar websites you’re thinking of are just a bunch of shady marketplaces to buy and sell totally un-super cape-less study notes.

  • Is Team Study free?

    Nothing in life is free… except Team Study.

  • How do you make money?

    How do YOU make money? … seriously, who asks that? Rude! If you must know, we don’t right now, Team Study is free because we’re awesome. In the distant future, we may try to recoup some of our blood, sweat, and tears through sponsored study resources, targeted job postings, and premium features that will rock your world!…. and hopefully our bank account.

  • Is the Illuminati really behind Internal Server Errors?

    The Illuminati does not exist… on an unrelated note, meet me in the back alley in half an hour… come alone… tell no-one.

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