Chapter 5

Circuit Switching - Is like an on off switch completes circuit.

Packet Switching - Cut up data into small pieces and passes through other networks to reroute messages in order to get to the receiver. Meaning there are multiple ways to get to the sender.

Transfer Control Protocol/IP - This is basic language of internet it is not private open to everyone.

DNS Domain Name Server - It's like a phone book of the internet. Hard to remember the phone numbers but the name is easier to remember


Mobile Vulgus - Mobile comes from here

Corporeal Mobility - Your body moves and going from point A to point B

Liberation - Physical movement but also the desire to move away from a certain environment

Mobilize - Organized ways to communicate by taking things that are unused.

Portable vs. Mobile - Portable is something that can be moved however it probably isn’t good to use it while it is moving.

Example \rightarrow A port-a-potty is not a mobile technology

Mobile Technology

  • What Constitutes the First Mobile Technology
  • Walkie talkies, carphones, transistor radio.
  • Mobile technologies are important not because of any given set of technological attributes but rather because of the ways we use them to mediate social relations

Screens - It’s the idea of seeing a projection of any kind or looking out into what is before you

Microblogging - Things like twitter in regards to the amount of content in which is sent for example twitter

Social etiquette - The differences in ways of how someone communicates in different websites

Citizen Journalism - The idea of sharing information. Unlike journalist because they are not a professional. An example is photographs of lynching. Only way this was discovered was through people taking pictures.

Conspicuous Consumption - Consuming a product and d it in a conspicuous way by earning credit for it. For example using social media to show off what you have. Essentially advertising as well.

Text Messaging

  • Text messages or short service messages is a mechanism of delivery of short messages over mobile networks.
  • It is a store and forward way of transmitting messages to and from mobiles.
  • The message (text only) from the sending mobile is stored in a in a central short message center.

Textese - A written vocabulary that has emerged from texting practice.

Example \rightarrow Initialisms, letter number homophones,

Beneficial Communicative Functions

  • Hybrid register-formal and informal language allowing a variation in tone within context of a message.
  • Navigating social relationships in the experimentation of identities.
  • Retroactive interference: when one says something to you to mess with how you are trying to remember something important.

standard english

  • What overall group agrees upon to be the language as seen as formal

social impact and cultural impact

  • Mobile technology has been linked to anti social trend-Mobs
  • Sexual communication, vehicle for bad manners, cheating, escaping, school, etc.

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