Lecture 1

CIS 1250 โ€“ Software Design

Assignment 1

About the app

Q1: How many social networking services does the app connect to?

A1: All major ones at the same time

Q2: Does the app post to all the networking sites or just one?

A2: You can select which ones to post to.

Q3: Is there a word limit like on Twitter?

A3: If posting to Twitter or Snapchat yes, otherwise no.

Q4: Does the app allow videos?

A4: Yes, it does.

Q5: Does it have its own video player or does it use the built in one?

A5: It uses the default players.

Q6: Is the profile or private?

A6: The user can make it private should they chose, default is public.

Q7: Does the app have text or speech?

A7: Yes.

Q8: How should the posts be organized?

A8: The user can decide if they want by recent, popular or by the media service.

Q9: Does the app allow notifications?

A9: Yes, they can however, be turned off.


Q10: What devices is the app available on?

A10: PC, android and apple.

Q11: Who is the targeted audience?

A11: All social media users.

Q12: Is the software free or paid?

A12: Free.

Q13: Does it contain adds?

A13: No.

Q14: How restricted is your budget?

A14: Money is not a problem.


Q15: Can you make the app the default messaging for your phone.

A15: Yes.

Q16: Whatโ€™s the name of the app going to be?

A16: Social Connect.

Q17: Do you have a logo in mind?

A17: SC in an octagon, with a start in the background.

Q18: Do you have agreement with Facebook and others to user their services?

A18: Yes, its all been taken care off.


Q19: What kind of security systems do you want in place?

A19: The security should be above the industry standards.

Q20: What is the deadline for the project?

A20: A year from the start date.

Q21: Do want you test versions?

A21: Yes.

Q22: How often do you want test versions?

  • A22: After every stage of the development process is complete.

Q23: Will the app have alpha and beta versions for public release.

A23: We do want there to be a closed alpha and an open beta version for public release.

Q24: Will this be an international app or domestic?

A24: Domestic, but we want to expand world wide when possible.

Q25: How many languages will be available on release?

A25: 2, English and French.



Why the interface?

When designing the interface, I decided to make something the users are already familiar navigating. To accomplish this, I used the two most used social media sites for reference, Facebook and Twitter. Starting at the top the search bar allows the user to find friend and groups they are interested in. Next to that is the user home page option. The sites option allows the user to select a certain social media account that they want to view. Next are the notification and camera options, as well as the sort and setting options.

On the left side are the profile options, user groups and recommended groups. Right side shows online fiends and the messaging (chat) tab. The middle of the screen allows the user to send posts. As well as, view their news feed and the post they or their friends have been tagged. This multi option allow the user to focus on multiple tasks as the same time.

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