Lecture 10: Semiotics of Constructing Audience

Convergence and Constant Exposure to Cyberspace

  • Internet and computers have become embedded in our lives. They are more than what they were designed for
  • Disembodiment: The body and the mind are not a separate identity, since they are connected together. However, virtual reality crates disembodiment, by separating the body and the mind. There is no more care or fear for the human body for the virtual world. You are interacting with representations
  • Cartesian Dualism: Once we get into cyberspace, the idea of Cartesian dualism plays a role. The more we are connected to the virtual world, the less our bodies are connected (bodies and minds seen separately)
  • The constant exposure to virtual realities in cyberspace is leading to a gradual entrenchment of bizarre modern form of Cartesian dualism in which the body and the mind are viewed as separate entities


  • Signs operate in a way that becomes natural. We tend to see these signs as natural
  • Naturally occurring and cultured signs are what makes games so influential and powerful once a user continuously interacts with them. The signs operate through a medium that behaves in a manner which conditions its users to view it as a natural or accepted occurrence
  • We know at this point in the course that everyday use of a medium by someone who knows how to use it typically passes unquestioned as unproblematic and natural

Connotations and Denotations

  • Knowing that a game player has some prior experience with the images they are seeing can help a game designer in selecting different signs and symbols to implement in the game
  • Therefore, they use the most common signs and symbols with cultural connotation

Desensitization and Normalization

  • Players have the pleasure of being able to experience new objects, actions, social interactions and experiences at no apparent risk

Bystander and Aggressor affect can be caused by violent games

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