Lecture 16: VSEPR Structures, Speciality of Boron


  • When oxygen is connected to central atom, there is a double bond

Speciality of Boron

  • Boron has 8 electrons in the outer most shell, it is an electron deficient molecule
  • To form a bond with amonia, which has a lone pair (Bf3Bf_3 - Lewis Acid, NH3NH_3 - Lewis Base)
  • Paramagnetic - Unpaired electrons
  • Diamagnetic - Most organic compound because all electrons are paid
  • No unpaired electrons
  • Bond Order - Number of bonds/number of atoms connected to the central atom
  • Related to bond strength
  • For bonds between the same 2 atoms, as bond order increases, bond length decreases
  • Same 2 atoms
  • If different atoms, look at the central atom to find BOBO in each bond type
  • The bond order will be more than 1 less than 2, same for bond energy

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