Lecture 19: Hybridization

  • Staggered \leftrightarrow  Eclipsed
  • Confirmation
  • The convert is so rapped that each cannot be isolated
  • Forming C2H4C_2H_4 (ethylene) \rightarrow SP2SP^2 hybridization
  • There is a carbon-carbon double bond
  • Here carbon atom undergoes SP2SP^2 hybridization
  • One ss and 2p2p orbitals on the cc atom undergo SP2SP^2 hybridization
  • We get 3 equivalent orbitals oriented at 120C in the same plane
  • The third PP or bital will remain un-hybridized
  • The hybridized orbitals will have 33.33% SS character and 66.66% pp character
  • Lateral Overlap \rightarrow Form π\pi  bond
  • Double Bond \rightarrow One is π\pi  bond and the other σ\sigma  bond
  • σ\sigma  is more stable than π\pi bond
  • SpSp hybridization
  • One ss and one pp  are involved in hybridization while 2 pp orbitals remain as pure pp  orbitals
  • The 2 hybrid orbitals are arranged 180C each other
  • Both CC atoms have SpSp hybridization
  • 1 hybridized orbital on each carbon atom form bonds with an HH atom
  • Overlapping takes place in PxP_x  on each catom and on PyP_y on each atom to form in total 2π2\pi bonds
  • Bond angles are 180C

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