Lecture 22: Boiling/Freezing Points and Colligative Properties

  • Elevation of boiling point \rightarrow Depends on the number of moles and properties of solvent

depression of freezing point

  • T=KbmT = Kb * m  (mm - molarity of the solution)
  • So T=KbT = Kb when m=1m = 1 so KbKb is defined as the elevation of boiling point of a unimodal solution
  • Colligative Properties \rightarrow Only on properties
  • Depends only on the number of molecules and not chemical nature
  • Osmosis - Solvent passes through membrane
  • Dialysis - Solute passes through membrane
  1. Calculate molarity of solution
  2. Number of particles
  • Ion Pairing \rightarrow Explains why ii measured is lower than ii expected - the number of particles
  • Ions pair and then share particles

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