Lecture 23: Organic Chemistry

  1. Organic Chemistry
  2. Molecular Structure
  3. Bond Polarity
  4. Functional Groups
  5. An atom or group of atoms which gives the whole molecule its properties (ex: Reactive Bit)
  6. Isomers
  7. Constitutional \rightarrow Same formula, different bond
  8. Structural
  9. Positional
  10. Functional
  11. Stereo \rightarrow Same bonds, different spatial arrangement
  12. Geometric
  13. Optical
  14. Optical Isomers
  15. Mirror images of compounds is not superimposable
  16. When putting one structure on the other, they do not match
  17. Condition - CC atom that links 4 different molecules is superimposable when 3 groups only are different
  18. Asymmetric Carbon atom
  19. Tetrahedral CC surrounded by 4 different different things that the object and its mirror images are not superimposable
  • Chiral - Any molecule with a non-superimposable mirror image
  • Any Carbon with 4 different substituents will be chiral center
  • Enantiomers - A pair of non-superimposable mirror images

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