Lecture 6

Cis 1250 Lec 6

Design Document – What is its structure?

  • Introduction
  • Data Design
  • Architecture and Component Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Restrictions, Limitations, Constraints
  • Testing Issues
  • Supplemental Information

Design Documents – Introduction

  • Goals and Objectives
  • Scope
  • Context
  • Major Constraints

Design Documents – Data Design

  • Internal Software data structure
  • Global data structure
  • Temporary data structure
  • Database description

Design Document - Architecture and Component Design

  • Program Structure
  • Description of components and sub-components
  • Interface description

Design Document – User Interface Design

  • Description of the user interface
  • Interface design rules
  • Components available
  • User interface development system

Design Document - Restrictions, Limitations, Constraints

  • Special design issues which impact the design or implementation of the software are noted here

Design Document – Testing Issues

  • Classes of tests
  • Expected software response
  • Performance bounds
  • Identification of critical components

Design Document – Appendices

  • Requirements traceability matrix
  • Packaging and installation issues
  • Design metrics to be used
  • Supplementary information

What are the implicit requirements for a game?

Keeping it difficult yet enjoyable

The end goal is for the users to buy it

User experience is key

Overview Statements

The game should run on the intended platform

Restate the requirements and make sure the program meets them

Don’t go over budget

Example of overview statement

The player controls a ball of fire, and traverses a landscape made of blocks of different materials. As the player sets fire to theses blocks, they grow hotter, and can set fire to more and more different types of blocks. The fireball the player controls can also rise up in height and the hotter the player get, the higher they can jump in this fashion.

On each field (level) the player has an ultimate goal of igniting the torch (brazier) and thus clearing the field – but the torch is generally positioned at a high point out of reach. The player must use a combination of platform skills and dynamic to ignite the torch and clear the field.

Simple, clean cut graphics and controls combine to give an easy to learn but engaging play experience.

Effortless play originating form a simple control scheme

Unique experience – the only game to be based around setting fires.

Varied solutions to the mini-puzzles as the player works out the best places to start fires.

Exploration of small environment.

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