Lecture 8: The Media and Global Social Movements

Political Paradox

  • Political paradox refers to the demand for politicians to solve the world’s problems is stronger than ever while their ability to deliver has weakened

What do we mean when we speak about the global?

  • The global includes specific countries that are invested or participate in the global market shares / trades
  • In terms of fantasy of globalization, it relates to McLuhan’s argument of how technology potentially brings people together from different parts of the world
  • The global includes other impacts such as the global crisis, which refers to the issues of climate change and global warming

How ISIL Imitates First-Person Shooters (Video Clip)

  • In the video clip, the speaker discusses the negative influence of media culture, which is making terrorism popular through different representations (Ex. In Call of Duty, there are multiple references made to third world countries through in-game characters, locations, and weapons)
  • As a result, there is an increase in young men willing to join terrorist groups such as the Jihad and ISIS
  • Thus, if we can agree that globalization carries with it many dehumanizing and decontextualizing forces, where and how can we find the power to enact resistance? (Ex. Protests and strikes, indicating resistance to a higher power)
  • What about digital resistance? (Ex. Hackers)

Ancestral Hacking Practices

  • Maya transmedia goes into hiding and receives protection from resistance movements
  • The first Maya hackers emerged, including Diego Reynoso, who hacked the colonizer’s alphabet (their oppressor code)
  • Furthermore, Reynoso translates sacred text to Latin

Hacking practice continues today, since anonymity safeguards the actions of the hacker by hiding his / her identity

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